We’re getting close!

Cotton-and-Wool-ProductsPhotograph – cotton, soap made from sheep tallow, and a bar of soap wrapped in a knitted cotton washcloth

Christina and I have been having lots of working sessions.  She comes to the production studio for some and I take a laptop to the farm for others.  We watched the full length documentary yesterday and both had to admit that we’re very close!  What a great moment.  Energy was very high at yesterday’s work session.  We can now see the flow of the film.  We’re making sure we haven’t missed any topics and that there’s a thread of consistency between each segment.  I took photographs.  As we edit and review, we see where a new photo or video will better tell the story.

hand-made-cotton-hankiesPhotograph – handwoven cotton handkerchiefs

We’ve been sending out letters and emails to potential sponsors for the film.  We’re doing that because of two reasons.  It would be wonderful to have some funding to cover the expense of making the DVDs and the cookbooks.  However, it would also be really wonderful to have those folks included in the project – through product placement and by drawing attention to them in the credits and resource guide – because they’re companies we really believe in and use a lot.  We would like to share with others how great their products are.  We have received our first sponsor – Murray McMurray Hatchery.  That is where you can purchase baby chicks.  They’re an awesome company and we’re very proud to have them on the team and to be able to share information about them with others.

cantelope-seedsPhotograph – Seeds

Working on this documentary has been such an amazing experience.  I don’t think I’ve EVER sweated as much as I did while filming at the farm this past summer.  When I’m overheated, I get very red faced as well.  The farm has a swimming pool and what fun we had jumping in and cooling off.  Five minutes after getting out of the pool I’d be drenched with sweat again.  Somehow I just didn’t care though.  I knew that we were working on something that was great.  There is definitely something very right going on at that farm and I’m excited about sharing it with everyone.  While filming, Christina has fed me and it’s been my chance to find out what healthy eating looks like.  She finds ways to make everything delicious.

– Shelley Wilson

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