Anticipated Completion of the Documentary

It’s so close!  These last days are “on the edge of our seats” days.  The documentary needs only a few tweaks.  More and more clips have dropped to the cutting room floor, but the material that is left is amazing.  As we watched the latest draft yesterday afternoon, we couldn’t stop smiling.  As Christina walked me out to my car, she said, “I think it’ll be finished within a week” and she was beaming.

One last event will occur before the film is sent off for “Glass Mastering” – a preview by the attendees of “The Dinner” – the event that took place on September 20th.  The documentary begins with a short segment from the the day of the dinner, the dinner itself, and then goes back to where that wonderful meal began – in the garden.

A surprise addition to the documentary is the cookbook that is being published to go along with the DVDs.  It is small enough to slip into the DVD cases.  This full-color cookbook includes all of the meals that were featured in “The Dinner” as well as instructions for other items described in the film.  While we labored over editing of the film, seeing the cookbook come together gave us some small victories along the way.


We like it so much that we’ve incorporated the pages into the documentary itself.  The sixteen page cookbooks will be available separately as well.

Shelley Wilson

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